Before settling in to record your new tracks, Monolith Studios offers a full production service to help get the most out of your new music. From tempo mapping to song arrangement and expanding on shared ideas, the production process is key in ensuring the rest of your recording experience goes smoothly and effectively as possible.



Recording your music should be an exciting and memorable experience. At Monolith Studios, we make sure that our clients achieve the results they dreamed and hoped for long before they stepped foot in the studio. With expert knowledge on how to achieve great sounding recordings and years of musicianship behind our engineers we are able to hone in on each person’s strengths and weaknesses in order help coach them through the process and have them excel in the studio environment.



Are your guitar tones lacking a certain something? Is that tone in your head just not quite coming out on paper? Using your recorded DI files, we will help craft YOUR special tone for YOUR playing and realize that perfect tone you’ve been hearing in your head all along. With a combination from over 15 pedals, 8 amp heads and 6 speaker cabinets, there’s no limit to the tones we can create for you.


Having your music mixed at Monolith Studios means having your songs mixed in a professional and passionate environment. Our goal is always ensuring that our client’s music is represented in the most purest and honest form so that your unique sound and writing shines through at all times. With experience in a diverse range of band oriented music, Monolith Studios excels at realizing your vision and your sound.


 Monolith Studios offers a Mastering service for clients who want their mixes taken to that next level where they can shine across a broad spectrum of listening environments. Giving your mixes that extra clarity, punch and sheen whilst keeping their dynamics intact is paramount in achieving a world class product to share with your fans.